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Tire repair

fast flat tire repair (Driving on a flat tire can cause major damage to a tire, making it irreparable. If you get a flat tire, come in immediately to get it looked at to ensure you won't need to buy a new tire.)

Motor Oil Change and filter

If your oil change light is on, then it's time to get an oil change. Don't wait, lest your car develops bigger problems.


If your car seems difficult to steer, you could need a tire alignment. It only takes [time] minutes to get them looked at and aligned, so stop by today.

Brake service

Your brakes are a integral part of your car. Without them, driving would become incredibly dangerous. Make sure you get your brakes looked at to prevent brake failure!

Wheel balancing

Out of balance wheels can make your ride much bumpier. In addition, it reduces the life of your wheels by causing wear. Save yourself money in the future and make sure your wheels are balanced.

Tires change service

Tires are all that stands between you and the road and it’s important to keep them in the best shape for your safety

Cooling System Service

An overheating engine can cause damage that costs thousands to fix. Let us make sure your engine cooling system is working properly.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Prepare for hot weather by ensuring your AC works properly. Ensure you and your passengers' comfort and come in for AC maintenance today!

Suspensions repairs

Does your car insist on pulling to one side when you're driving straight? Is your car feeling especially bumpy? If so, your suspension could need some looking at.


Full vehicle inspection service


Scheduling a Maintenance vehicle service

Water Pumps

: If your car's water pump stops working, your engine will quickly overheat. There aren't many warning signs for a broken water pump, so replacing it at regular intervals will prevent catastrophic engine failure.

Timing Belts

A failing timing belt can cause damage to the pistons and valves of your car, which can be very expensive to fix. We recommend changing your timing belts every 75,000 miles to prevent your engine from failing.

Transmission oil change

Transmission fluid is an important part of your vehicle. We recommend changing your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles to ensure your car doesn't develop issues.

Transmission repair

Is your car making strange noises? Is there red liquid in your driveway? If so, your transmission could have a problem.